Fij Miller Indigenous Bursary Rules

A generous donation by Ms Fij Miller has enabled the establishment of the Fij Miller Indigenous Bursary. This bursary has been established to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to undertake higher education study. Subject to the availability of funds, one bursary will be awarded annually. The value of the bursary will be a minimum $1000.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants for the bursary must:
(a) be of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; and identify as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; and be accepted as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander by the community in which he or she lives or has lived; and
(b) be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate course of study at Flinders University.

TENURE:This bursary will be awarded to an undergraduate student, and is available to both commencing and continuing students. Payment will be made during the first semester.

SOURCE OF FUNDS: This bursary is funded from a donation made by Ms Fij Miller. The award will continue as long as donations and earnings thereon are sufficient.

SELECTION: This bursary will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and academic merit. The academic merit of applicants will be assessed by way of the Selection Score used to gain entry to their course of study e.g. ATAR, STAT score in the case of commencing students, and the Grade Point Average (GPA) in their course of study in the case of continuing students. Selection will be made in accordance with procedures approved by the Director, Student Administration and Systems, and will be carried out in collaboration with the staff of Yunggorendi, First Nations Centre for Higher Education and Research.

APPLICATIONS: Applications should be submitted online through the Flinders University Student Information System by the specified closing date. Applicants will need to login and navigate to the My Scholarships tab to submit an application. The application form for this scholarship is called "Indigenous Scholarships", or you can search for it by the keyword "Indigenous". You will be considered for multiple scholarships if you complete this application.

ADVERTISING: The availability of the bursary will be described on the University website.