International Placement Travel Grant For Travel in Semester 1, 2018 Rules

The College of Science and Engineering has established the International Placement Travel Grant for international placement of Science and Engineering students. The purpose of the grant is to assist students to undertake their placement overseas to enhance their Flinders University studies by providing an international perspective.

Subject to the availability of funding, three or more scholarships valued at up to $2000 each will be available per annum.


Applicants must:

  • be students enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course in the College of Science and Engineering at Flinders University; and
  • be enrolled or enrolling  in a practicum topic for which the travel grant is being sought; and
  • have their placement count as credit towards their course of study at Flinders University; and
  • not have previously received or are in receipt of New Colombo Plan (NCP) funding; and
  • not have previously held a placement grant funded by the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and
  • not be travelling to their home country of residence for the placement.


The travel grant will be awarded for one overseas placement. The travel grant will be withdrawn if the grant holder ceases to meet the eligibility criteria specified above.


The travel grant will be funded by the College of Science and Engineering, Flinders University.


Applications for the College of Science and Engineering International Placement Travel Grant will be assessed on: the benefits that the placement will provide to the applicant’s development as a science and engineering professional as described in the application; and academic merit. Selection will be made by a panel within the College of Science and Engineering including representatives from the Marketing and Development Unit, in consultation with the Executive Dean.

The College of Science and Engineering reserves the right to not offer all travel grants if there are insufficient quality applications in any given year.



This is a competitive grant process which requires applicants to provide justification for their selection. The application form for this scholarship is called "International Placement Travel Grant – Science and Engineering", or you can search for it by the keyword "travel".



The availability of the travel grant will be described on the University website.