AJ & IM Naylon PhD Scholarship Rules

A generous bequest from the estate of AJ and IM Naylon has enabled the establishment of the AJ and IM Naylon PhD Scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship is to enable a suitably qualified graduate to carry out a research project relevant to agriculture, particularly in the areas of biodiversity and conservation, biotechnology, environmental health, environmental protection and inland aquaculture, leading to a PhD.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants for the scholarships must: be an Australian citizen or a New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident at the closing date for applications; and have completed a bachelor degree with First Class Honours or an equivalent level of academic attainment; and be commencing a PhD at Flinders University as a full-time student in the year for which the award is allocated. The AJ and IM Naylon PhD Scholarship will not be awarded to an applicant who: is in receipt of an award which directly duplicates the purpose of the AJ and IM Naylon PhD Scholarship; is on paid study leave; holds a fractional academic appointment; holds a Research Doctorate or equivalent.

TENURE AND BENEFITS: The AJ and IM Naylon PhD Scholarship provides an annual stipend equivalent to an Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry). Leave conditions and allowances will be equivalent to those for a Flinders University Research Scholarship. The scholarship holder will be allocated a Research Training Scheme place, which provides an exemption from tuition fees for up to four years. The AJ and IM Naylon PhD Scholarship is tenable at Flinders University for up to three years subject to satisfactory progress. An extension of up to six months may be approved by the Scholarships Committee provided the student is making satisfactory progress and the grounds for the extension relate to the study and are beyond the control of the student. Except where otherwise indicated in these rules, the AJ and IM Naylon PhD Scholarship will be administered in accordance with the Flinders University Research Scholarship conditions of award.

SOURCE OF FUNDS: The scholarship will be funded by the AJ and IM Naylon bequest to Flinders University. 

SELECTION: Selection of the award holder will be undertaken by the Scholarships Committee on the basis of academic merit, research potential and the extent to which an applicant’s research project is relevant to agriculture. Applications will be ranked according to the University’s Guidelines for Ranking Postgraduate Research Scholarship Applications. The AJ and IM Naylon PhD Scholarship will be awarded to the highest-ranked eligible postgraduate research scholarship applicant in the field of agriculture.

APPLICATIONS: An application for an Australian Postgraduate Award or Flinders University Research Scholarship tenable at Flinders University constitutes an application for the AJ and IM Naylon PhD Scholarship.