Professor Ross Kalucy Indigenous Well-Being Scholarship Rules

The Professor Ross Kalucy Indigenous Well-Being Scholarship was established in 2012.   The scholarship is intended to support the retention and successful graduation of indigenous students with a particular focus on increasing capacity in the area of mental health/social and emotional well-being.  Subject to the availability of funds, a minimum of one scholarship with a minimum value of $750 may be awarded each year.

SOURCE OF FUNDS: The Scholarship has been established as a result of a generous donation from Professor Ross Kalucy AM, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and former Dean of the School of Medicine at Flinders University. Professor Kalucy has special interests in furthering the education and training of health professionals in Indigenous health. He is passionate about strengthening the social and emotional well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, especially with respect to prevention and how good mental health strategies can contribute to Indigenous health outcomes and equal opportunity.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must: be of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; and identify as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; and be accepted as an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander by the community in which they live or have lived; and normally reside in South Australia or the Northern Territory; and be enrolled in a Flinders University course relevant to Indigenous mental health and or social and emotional well-being, including clinical, health promotion, public health, allied health or community related study.

TENURE: The scholarship is awarded for a period of one year. Previous recipients can apply for subsequent scholarship rounds.

SELECTION: The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of: academic merit; and demonstrated interest in health and or social and emotional well-being; and financial need. Selection of the candidate(s) will be made in accordance with procedures approved by the Director, Student Administration Services.

APPLICATIONS: Applications should be submitted online through the Flinders University Student Information System by the specified closing date. Applicants will need to login and navigate to the My Scholarships tab to submit an application.

ADVERTISING: The availability of the scholarship will be described on the University website.