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Postgraduate Research Supervision Core Workshop 1

Course description

To support our commitment to a high quality higher degree experience, the University requires that all new supervisors attend the Induction to Research Higher Degree Supervision program. This program is conducted in conjunction with the Office of Graduate Research and comprises a series of 4 workshops (2 core and 2 electives). This workshop is the first core workshop. It focuses on Policy & Procedures & Supervisor responsibilities.

Type of course
Three-stage process

  • Short online videos or podcast (Parts A, B and C - 48 minutes in total)
  • One hour face-to-face Workshop of the online materials via supervisory case studies
  • A short written exercise will be required to complete the training.

Type of course

Blended Learning workshop


Tara Brabazon
Office of Graduate Research

Who should attend

For those who are new to supervision of Postgraduate student research or who have been supervising for some time, but wish to review their practices and gain new ideas.

What you will learn

  • Flinders University RHD policies and procedures
  • Setting Expectations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Communication
  • Supervisor responsibilities: admissions, progression and examination
  • Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

    Viewing or listening to the VLOGs/Podcasts

    Watch the three videos before the session:

    Or listen to Core 1: http://traffic.libsyn.com/tarabrabazon/Supervisory_Training_Core_1.mp3