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Value adding for your students: Developing a knowledge exchange mindset in the contemporary PhD

Course description

Whether your PhD students are planning academic or industry careers, they will benefit from a knowledge exchange (KE) mindset.

A KE mindset gives an edge to researchers who want their work to impact beyond academic circles.  Such researchers see research as a public resource, not just a publication.  Going beyond research translation, they value working with research users from the outset to inform and strengthen research directions.

While effective researchers develop the critical outward facing KE mindset and skills over the length of their careers, it is rarely taught in research higher degree institutions.  This is despite increasing recognition by the Australian Government to more explicitly embed 'soft' skills and innovation capabilities in research training programs.

The KE Agents of Change PhD workshop was developed in response to this omission.

This Supervisors' workshop is for you to enhance your KE understanding and develop your KE networks on campus.

Type of course



Christina Hagger
College of Medicine and Public Health

Don Houston
Centre for Innovation in Learning & Teaching

Who should attend

Research Higher Degree supervisors

What you will learn

Discuss the benefits of a KE outlook for students' careers - academic or industry.

Understand how a KE mindset incorporates more than dissemination or research translation.

Understand how researchers with a KE mindset engage with research users from the outset to inform research directions as well as dissemination strategies, adoption, implementation and ongoing work.

Share ideas on how a KE outlook contributes to innovation to benefit society.

Learn why a KE outlook can be described as a paradigm shift.

Gain an understanding of the Government, societal and university contexts supporting the need for a shift to enhance KE as part of the PhD.

Learn about the KE workshop being introduced to a cross-sectional, cross-disciplinary cohort of PhD students at Flinders.

Be introduced to a range of KE tools and resources.

Discuss strategies to add value to the PhD KE workshop.

Establish a core supervisory network at Flinders that thinks KE.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge