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Dreamweaver - Maintain Websites

Course description

This course introduces web maintenance to the novice web developer. It covers the basics of Dreamweaver, a web development program. It outlines the elements of troubleshooting and working with the new Flinders templates.

Type of course

Hands-on computer course


Jason Lange
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Who should attend

Staff making basic changes to existing websites
Staff Developing basic web pages.

What you will learn

Using Dreamweaver

  • web design terminology
  • the rudiments of using Dreamweaver
  • the Dreamweaver Interface

    Site management tools
  • set up general preferences
  • get access to a Flinders web server
  • define a site and create a local and a remote directory
  • set up a new site and
  • import an existing site

    Working with web pages
  • create a new web page
  • create a new web page from a template
  • add and format text
  • create a bulleted or numbered list

  • add a table to a web page

  • the different types of links
  • how to link: an image, a page, an email address, a section within a page
  • how to check links to avoid deadlinks when you publish

  • Different types of images
  • How to add an image to web page

    Publishing a web site
  • Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

    Good computer literacy