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Content Management System (CMS) 1 - Basics & Editing

Course description

IMPORTANT: Please login at the CMS Login page to setup your access for the training session.

This is a 2.5-hour, hands-on workshop, with demonstrations and many practical exercises.

The emphasis will be on enabling you to use the CMS effectively in your role as an Editor or as a Publisher of web pages. Note: you should attend this session before enrolling in 'Content Management System 2 - Publishing'.

Type of course

Hands-on computer course


Chris Simmons
Information Technology Services

Who should attend

This workshop is essential for anyone who expects to use the web Content Management System (CMS) to maintain web content, pages or sites, or to manage the publication process.

For those expecting to have an Editor role (i.e. to make changes to existing content), it should be sufficient.

For those who expect to have a Publisher role (i.e. to create or rearrange pages, sections or sites), both this session and the Publishing session are required.

What you will learn

This session will give an overview of the following concepts:

  • What the CMS is and what it does 
  • CMS Editing
  • Web editing Workflow
  • How the CMS delivers web pages
  • 'Content-oriented' web maintenance versus 'Page-oriented'
  • CMS templates, pagelets and containers
This session will enable you to do the following (if your role is as an Editor or a Publisher):
  • 'Check out' web content for editing
  • Change existing content using the WYSIWYG editor (without touching HTML or affecting other pages or navigation)
  • Upload and manage images, documents and other files for the web
  • Insert images into web pages
  • Save changes or Submit them for approval and publication
  • Use the Workflow system to follow the status of your changes.