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Content Management System (CMS) 2 - Publishing

Course description

IMPORTANT: You should attend CMS Basics and Editing before this session. If you have to attend this session first, please login at the CMS Login page to setup your access for the training session.

This is a 3 hour hands-on workshop, which follows on from the CMS Basics and Editing session. The emphasis will be on enabling Publishers, through practical exercises and demonstrations, to manage the structure and content of their subsite(s) and to publish changes made by Editors.

Type of course

Hands-on computer course


Chris Simmons
Information Technology Services

Who should attend

Staff who have attended CMS Basics and Editing, and:-

have a Publishing role,


wish to deepen their understanding of the CMS

What you will learn

This session will give an undestanding of the following concepts:

  • Managing the publishing process using Workflow
  • Version control for containers and files
  • Side navigation and breadcrumbs - how they are constructed
  • Page and section data (esp. URL, title, Owner, Position and template)
  • File management and Behaviours

    Publishers will learn to do the following:
  • Use the Workflow system to monitor changes to web pages in your area
  • Use Workflow to review, approve and publish changes, or to return content to Editors for reworking
  • Revert changes to a web page
  • Use Templates to instantly change the layout of web pages
  • Create new pages and sections, and change their navigation (sidenav and breadcrumbs)
  • Manage files and use Behaviours
  • Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

    An understanding of the Shado CMS, as given in CMS Basics and Editing