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CMS Tricks and Troubleshooting (online using FLOLive)

Course description

This 1- hour workshop is to be conducted online, using FLO Live (please refer to http://www.flinders.edu.au/flolive/).

It is a flexible session intended for CMS users of any level, to get help with techniques in content management.
Questions and issues submitted in advance (using the web form: ), will receive priority.

Type of course



Chris Simmons
Information Technology Services (ITS)

Who should attend

Any CMS user who has already completed some level of training, may enrol in this session

What you will learn

  • Reviewing, approving, declining, or rolling-back changes
  • Creating sections, subsections, pages, containers
  • Changing side navigation (including the "root", hiding items, rearranging)
  • Moving pages and sections around the Site Tree

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Any CMS training (either lab-based or FLOLive-based), including Web CMS 1 and Web CMS 1a. You must ensure that you can access and use FLOLive (please refer to http://www.flinders.edu.au/flolive/).