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Introduction to University Statistics

Course description

This workshop aims to help staff confidently use Flinders University statistics.

You will receive an overview of statistics and other information available from the Planning Services Unit including:

  • Student, Graduate, and Attrition Surveys
  • Key Accountability Measures (KAMS)
  • Student and Staff Statistics
  • Business Analytics

The session will also demonstrate how to obtain and manipulate the pivot tables available on the Planning Services Web Site. You will be encouraged to bring your own questions and hypothetical queries to be answered during the training session.

Type of course

Hands-on computer course


Dave Andrews
Planning Services

Who should attend

Flinders University staff who require statistics on Enrolments, Load, Completions, Students, and Staff.

What you will learn

This workshop aims to provide you with a broad overview of what the Planning Services does and what management information is available from us.

It will also focus on using the Planning Services pivot tables for obtaining statistics. Participants will learn how to:

  • download and view the pivot tables from the Planning Services Web Site
  • specify the filters or parameters
  • group and ungroup data
  • create customised tables with a breakdown of information
  • change the layout of pivot tables

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel