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Preparing & Delivering a Presentation

Course description

***Formerly 'Preparing and Delivering Training Courses'***

So you have to stand up and tell a group of people something - it might be a short piece of information; it might be a training session; it might be a critical message which everyone needs to understand. 

There are lots of reasons why staff at Flinders may find themselves having to deliver a presentation.  This course provides the knowledge, skills and confidence required in the preparation and delivery of effective presentations. The emphasis will be on the practical aspects of delivery with opportunities to practise delivering a presentation in a supportive, non-threatening environment.

The workshops will be conducted in a highly active and engaging manner with opportunities for interaction between participants.

Type of course



Hugh Kearns
School of Medicine

Who should attend

Staff wishing to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in presenting to groups

What you will learn

At the end of the session participants will be able to :

  • design and develop an effective presentation
  • deliver effective presentations that provide useful information and engage with participants
  • measure the effectiveness of their presentation

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Please note: this course involves preparing your own five minute presentation between sessions, and delivering it in Session 2.