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Position Descriptions: How to write effective PDs

Course description

This course introduces the concepts and skills involved in constructing effective Position Description statements. Position Descriptions underpin people management processes, including Performance Review and Development, and recruitment and selection, and are an important part of the supervisor's relationships with their team.

Type of course



Naomi Madsen
People and Culture

Craig Petho
People and Culture

Who should attend

Supervisors of general staff

What you will learn

  • Where to start when establishing a Position Description;
  • Key statements and descriptions essential to effective PDs;
  • HR processes, including understanding and using the PD template;
  • How to review and update a Position Description;
  • Writing PDs for linked positions;
  • Using the PD as a dynamic and integral part of performance review and development.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Participants will gain the most out of this course if they have already attended:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisors of General Staff, and
  • Managing the Workplace Environment, and
  • Recruitment and Selection Workshop