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Project Management

Course description

The setting up, planning and implementing phases of a project will be examined.  Particular emphasis will be given to how to ensure a project is successful for all involved. The course concentrates on using practical exercises based on participants own projects.

Type of course



Rob Weedon
Flinders University

Who should attend

Staff members who are required to manage a reasonable sized project

PLEASE NOTE:  Course not open to RHD Students, please see the following page for Project Management for RHD Students https://www.flinders.edu.au/staffdev/index.php/course/DHD

A minimum number of 12 confirmed participants is required to run this course. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to attend, please do not enrol.

A light lunch will be provided on both days.

What you will learn

Key areas covered are:

  • project governance
  • phases, steps and tools of project management
  • applying project management steps and tools
  • identifying factors that influence project management
  • success in your organization

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge