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Leading Through Change

Course description

Flinders University is undergoing significant change structurally, culturally and operationally.  Leading and managing this change is a significant challenge for those in leadership positions.

This topic comprises 2 x 3hr workshops held 3 weeks apart:

Workshop 1 will focus on the strategic aspects of leading through change.

Workshop 2 will focus on managing teams and maintaining personal well-being during the change process.

This course will be presented by Kathryn McEwen, a registered psychologist with more than 24 years experience in organisational psychology, executive coaching and human resource consulting.  Her profile can be viewed at www.kathrynmcewen.com

Type of course



Kathryn McEwen
Flinders University

Who should attend

This workshop series is specifically designed to provide practical strategies and support for managers. 

What you will learn

Workshop 1: Strategic aspects of leading through change:

  • The role of the leader during change;
  • Effective communication and consultation processes;
  • Recognition and engagement of key stakeholders;
  • Anticipating and planning for obstacles and set-backs;
  • Staff transition through change.

Workshop 2: Managing teams and maintaining personal well-being during the change process: 

  • Opportunity to reflect on leader experiences in implementing the ideas explored in Workshop 1;
  • Ways of maintaining personal and team resilience during the pressure and difficulties of transition;
  • Techniques to address team issues that arise as staff move through multiple levels of change;
  • Developing teams that are 'change-ready'.