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Wednesday, 30th July 2014

Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Location: Rm 329, Information Science & Technology Building

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International Office: An Introduction

Course description

This course will provide an introduction to the role and function of Flinders University International Office, detailing who we are, what we do, key contacts within the International Office and how to strengthen the working relationship between the International Office and the wider Flinders community.


Virginia Pattingale

Head, International Office


Virginia has led the Flinders University International Office team since 2004. Her role contributes to the internationalisation of the university, the development of Flinders University’s strategic plan, and the international student recruitment strategy.

Type of course



Virginia Pattingale
International Office

Who should attend

All staff who are involved in or interested in internationalisation, or who work with the International Office.

What you will learn

What the International Office does

  • Flinders University’s international student profile
  • International enrolments by course and country
  • Our strategic partners and agents
  • Our mobility/exchange and offshore programs
  • International Office organisational structure and key areas within the office
  • How you can work alongside the International Office

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge