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Fraud risk awareness

Course description

The fraud risk awareness training will be conducted by Allister Higgins (KPMG Forensic Accountant) and Eric Beere (KPMG Internal Audit Partner).  Training content will include:
  • What is fraud
  • Fraud and corruption in Australia
  • What enables fraudsters
  • How fraud is detected
  • Your role in prevention and detection of fraud
  • 'Red Flags' of potential fraud
  • Case studies - what can go wrong?
  • ICAC obligations
  • Question and answer


KPMG presenter information - Allister Higgins and Eric Beere

Type of course


Who should attend

All University staff are encouraged to attend, including both professional and academic staff. Staff whose roles involve key fraud risks are strongly encouraged to attend:
  • Financial transactions
  • Payroll
  • Procurement
  • Management of suppliers and service providers
  • IT systems and data management
  • Student recruitment / admissions
  • International agent management
  • Intellectual property and confidential information

What you will learn

Learning outcomes:
  • Fraud and corruption risks in the University sector
  • How to detect and respond to fraud
  • The University's position on fraud and measures to report
  • Your role in fraud and corruption prevention