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e-ssentials: Active teaching online

Course description

Teaching in the online environment is different from teaching face to face. This hands-on computer-based workshop will be an opportunity to discuss and practice specific strategies for stimulating, supporting and managing active engagement with learning materials, activities and assessments, including:
  • creating a social and teacher presence 
  • making announcements to provoke action 
  • generating critical dialogue in discussion forums
  • adding just-in-time resources
  • monitoring activity with FLO reports
  • formatively seeking and providing feedback

Type of course

Hands-on computer course


Nicola Parkin
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Who should attend

Suitable for all teaching staff, especially if you are new to teaching in the online environment, or are looking at ways to improve student engagement and activity online. 

What you will learn

This workshop will support you to:

  1. grasp the key principles of active teaching in the online environment
  2. identify a rage of practical strategies for use in your topic 
  3. choose the right tool in FLO
  4. practice with your peers, and get instant feedback
Please note that this workshop is about teaching a topic, rather than designing it from scratch. For a more design-focused workshop, see Designing a fully online topic.

Also see more teaching-focused workshops here.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

None, although some familiarity with FLO would be helpful.