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FLO: Quizzes

Course description

This workshop will give participants an opportunity to discuss how the quiz tool in FLO can be used to support various assessment methods. Participants will be introduced to the quiz tool in FLO and some of its core functions.

It is helpful to think about the purpose you wish to use quiz for, prior to the workshop (eg formative, summative, self assessment).


Quiz (eLearning Gateway)

Type of course

Hands-on computer course


Andrea Rankin
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Paul Stoll
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Amr Soliman
Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Who should attend

Academic and professional staff who want to explore the quiz tool and some its functionality in  FLO. Existing quiz users.

What you will learn

By the end of this workshop you will be able to

  • identify how the quiz tool can support various assessment methods
  • locate the quiz tool
  • add the quiz tool to their topic
  • navigate the quiz tool
  • create questions
  • add questions to a category
  • describe the different question types
  • import and export questions
  • add and remove questions from a quiz
  • locate and manage the quiz settings
  • know where to get further help