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Equal Opportunity Contact Officer - Come and Try

Course description

Equal Opportunity Contact Officers have a very important role within the University - providing information and support for students or staff with grievances, modelling respectful, inclusive behaviour and educating their work areas. EO Contact Officers attend training sessions throughout the year to update their knowledge and practice and develop their skills. This session is an open, 'come and try' session for those who have wondered what it would be like to be an EO Contact Officer.

Handling complaints from either students or staff members requires good skills in listening, questioning, reflection and summarizing as well as familiarity with the various grievance procedures that exist within the University, the resolution options available within those grievance procedures and an ability to explore with the complainant what reasonable outcome they are seeking.

This workshop is also suitable for supervisors who are seeking to enhance or practice their skills in handling complaints within their areas.

The different roles of supervisors and EO Contact Officers in the complaint handling process will be considered.

Type of course



Lisa O'Neill
People and Culture

Who should attend

Anyone who has considered becoming and Equal Opportunity Contact Officer, Supervisors & Equal Opportunity Contact Officers.

What you will learn

The grievance process available at Flinders for either students or staff.
Strategies for responding to complaints relating to the Equal Opportunity Policy.
Practice in handling complaints through case study analysis.

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge

Equal Opportunity Policy and grounds of harassment, discrimination & bullying

Fair Treatment@Work online course Compliance available at http://www.flinders.edu.au/eo_unit.