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Thinking Matters

Course description

We are all faced with lots of change.  Change in the workplace.  Change at home.  Change everywhere.  And all this change can lead to concern about what is going to happen and sometimes to stress and anxiety.  Some of this is natural but sometimes we have thinking habits that can make things worse - for example, catastrophising or setting unrealistic expectations.  Now while we often can't control the change we can do something about how we think about it.

This workshop draws on the latest psychological research which shows how some of our common thinking patterns can contribute to our feelings of stress and anxiety.  You will learn how to identify some of these patterns and techniques that you can use to get you thinking straight.

Type of course



Hugh Kearns
School of Medicine

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to look at their reactions and responses to change.

What you will learn

The topics covered in the workshop include:

  • common thinking patterns
  • getting perspective
  • identifying what you can and can't control
  • worry versus problem-solving

Prerequisites / assumed knowledge