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Productivity and Process Improvement

Course description

A four part program of training and development, run over five full days, providing staff with the opportunity to develop and practise skills in:
  • identifying potential improvements to processes and procedures;
  • developing a business case to seek support and approval for change; 
  • planning and implementing a project to achieve the change; and
  • managing the change in both its human and systemic dimensions.
The program comprises a structured series of four courses.

Part 1:  Process improvement 

A one-day course on process improvement principles and techniques, including:
  • Defining the process or area under consideration
  • Describing the current situation through techniques such as process mapping
  • Identifying improvements
Participants will then work on these aspects of their process improvement proposals prior to attending the second part of the program.

Part 2:  Developing a business case
A one-day course to develop knowledge and skills in preparing a business case, providing participants the opportunity test and validate the worth of their proposed changes.
Following this course, participants will prepare the relevant business case for submitting to management.
For 2018, this session will also include:
  • An overview of Business Improvement practices at Flinders 

Part 3:  Managing projects
A two-day course, where participants will learn the tools and techniques of defining, planning, implementing and closing projects.
On completion, participants will apply the techniques to their process improvement project.

Part 4:  Managing project change
A one-day course, where participants will work with change management principles to ensure the change is embedded through the people and systems most affected by it.

Type of course



Rob Weedon
Flinders University

Who should attend

Anyone involved in proposing projects for change or improvement within the university.
A light lunch will be provided at all sessions.
Because this is a structured series of workshops, participants are requested to ensure they are able to attend all five days of the program.

For more information about this course, please contact the Professional Development Unit on professional.development@flinders.edu.au

What you will learn

Part 1:  Process improvement
  • How business improvement works at Flinders
  • Understanding processes
  • Identifying improvements

Part 2:  Developing a business case
  • Purpose of a business case
  • Preparing an effective business case
  • Roles and responsibilities for review / preparation of the business case

Part 3:  Project management
  • Project governance
  • Phases, steps, and tools of project management
  • Applying project management techniques
  • Identifying factors influencing project management

Part 4:  Managing project change
  • Prepare and plan for change through use of change management models, business case, communication planning and determining organisational readiness for change
  • Implementing the change, dealing with personal and systemic resistance to change through the application of a variety of techniques
  • Evaluating the change in terms of both the process and the impact of the change