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Get Better Marks For Your Essays

Course description

For most students, the bulk of their marks will come from pieces of work which use writing as their mode of communication. Thus, if your writing is poor, you will not be able to communicate effectively and you will not receive credit for what you know. Thus writing is an absolutely central skill to all University study. Importantly, academic writing is a very specific form of writing which is quite different to other, less formal, styles of communication. Using non-academic writing style is akin to beginning an application letter for a job with "G'day Mate" - you have ruined your chances of doing well, regardless of how brilliantly you do anything else. So it is important to learn to write appropriately. This module provides (in several sections) guides to the way you should approach the different sections of an essay.

Type of course



Saib Dianati
College of Science and Engineering

What you will learn

  1. Analysing your task – stay on track by studying smarter, not harder 
  2. Planning your assignment – save 9 times the work, by dedicating 10% to planning 
  3. Electronic resources for writing – know where to find the best resources that will give you an edge
  4. Essay structure – Get better marks by structuring your assignment
  5. Writing Introductions and Conclusions – Making an Impact on the last and first few sentences of your essay