Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) has delegated responsibility for overseeing:

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) reports to the Academic Senate and Council on priorities for education, and on current education matters .

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) also meets regularly to discuss matters relating to education and quality with:

  • Executive Deans
  • Heads of Academic Organisational Units (AOUs)
  • relevant administrative staff
  • academic staff
  • student representatives.

Educational Matters Advisory Group (EMAG)

To assist in managing the interface between the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), the faculties and educational support areas, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) convenes the Educational Matters Advisory Group (EMAG).

EMAG members include the Chairpersons of Faculty Teaching and Learning Committees and key staff with management responsibility for student services provision.

Committees and staff responsibilities


Each faculty has teaching and learning and/or curriculum committees to provide advice to the Faculty Board and Executive Dean on education matters.

Faculties and designated staff

Faculties and designated staff within faculties have responsibilities for ensuring quality in accordance with university policies.

All teaching staff

All teaching staff have a shared responsibility for ensuring that quality and standards are maintained in the educational programs they offer.

Governance-related policy

Course and topic development

The Policy on Course and Topic Development, Approval and Management specifies the framework for managing and monitoring courses and topics.

Conduct of staff and students

A range of policies relating to education describe the rights, responsibilities and conduct of staff and students in the academic environment.

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