For detailed information about Event Safety view the Event Safety Guidelines (DOC 387KB) .

Event safety statement

Event organisers must make the following information available to anyone attending events on University premises. This could be through having the information available in the conference/event pack (if applicable) and/or reading out the statement at the start of the event.

Emergency procedures - in the event of a fire or other emergency the automatic alarms will sound. At the sounding of first beep - beep warning prepare to evacuate and on second whoop - whoop warning sound you must evacuate though the emergency exits which are clearly marked. Please follow the direction of wardens who will be identified by a red or white hard hat, or University security personnel. Do not use lifts.

First aid - if you need first aid or medical attention please let the conference organiser know. Please note that University Security are all trained first aiders - contact on internal extension 12880 (or 8201 2880 if ringing on a mobile)

Emergencies - if there is a serious medical emergency and conference organisers are not available, first call the ambulance service - 000 (or 0-000 if calling from a University phone) and then call University Security.

For all other emergencies, call University Security first.

University Security:

  • 8201 2880 (if using a mobile)
  • 12880 (if using a University phone)

Emergency Services (including ambulance)

  • 000
  • 0-000 (if using University phone)
If relevant:

Hot weather - if you feel uncomfortable walking around the campus in the heat please let the conference organiser know. We have arrangements for transporting participants to venues in this situation.

Event Safety statement.pdf (PDF 140KB) a printable version of the Event Safety statement.