All staff and students must ensure that they do not operate any vehicle, item of plant or equipment unless they hold the required current licence or certificate of competency. Institutional licences are managed by the contact people listed below.


Contact/Licence Holder

Asbestos Register Asbestos Hazard Officer, Buildings and Property Division
Boilers and Pressure Vessels: as per WHS Regulations 2012 Infrastructure - Buildings and Property
Other - WHS Unit
Dangerous Substances 3, 6 & 8 - WHS Regulations 2012 WHS Unit
Diesel: licence for a Class 3.2 Dangerous Substance (Gardeners' store in Maintenance in fuel tanks)  Services Manager
Fume hood Maintenance Manager, Buildings and Property Division
Genetically modified organisms and biological substances for research purposes Chair of Institutional (IBC) Biosafety Committee
Lifts (elevators) Manager, Assets & Corporate Real Estate, Buildings and Property Division
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Permit Vice-President (Corporate Services) or Radiation Safety Officer
Prohibited & Restricted Carcinogens WHS Unit
Radiation: as per Radiation Protection and Control Act, 1982 & Regulations 2015 WHS Unit or Radiation Safety Officer or see Radiation Safety information

Controlled Substances Schedule 2, 3, 4 & 7

Research Instruction & Training


WHS Unit
Vice-President (Corporate Services)

Various licences / certificates for Faculty / School staff (eg Diving, Schedule 8, Explosives) Individual Supervisors
Various licences for Maintenance Staff and Contractors (Trades certificates etc) Maintenance Manager, Buildings and Property Division
Waste Disposal — Environmental Protection Agency (University wide) Services Manager