Vessel Owner Flinders University
Designated person Matt Lloyd (Maritime Safety Officer)
Unique Identifier No 28049 (AMSA UVI 454004)
Trailer registration S012-TDR
Length (m) 6.1
Breadth (m) 2.42
Depth (m) 1.09
Height (m) 3.3
Weight (trailer and boat) (t) 2.5
Engines 1 x 200 HP Evenrude Etec (149 kW)
Fuel Capacity (Litres) 165
Vessel type

Research Vessel

Aluminium plate hull and ½ cabin 
Gross Load capacity (kg) 1000 
Survey Limits & Carrying Capacity  

2C Gulfs etc. (Grandfather clause: within the waters of Spencer Gulf, Gulf St. Vincent, Backstairs Passage and Investigator Straight, east of a line drawn from Cape Catastrophe to Cape Borda and west of a line drawn from Cape Willoughby). Conditions: Vessel is not to operate when the wind speed exceeds 25 knots and/or wave height exceeds 1.5 metres. Maximum crewing: 6 Passengers plus Coxswain = 7 total. 

Outside of 2C Gulfs etc, apply 2C Restricted (Schedule 4: Exemption 40). Reference map of SA Restricted (2C) waters. Maximum crewing: 2 Crew plus Coxswain = 3 total.

2D partially smooth waters. Maximum crewing: 6 Passengers plus Coxswain = 7 total. Reference list of SA Partially Smooth (2D) waters.

Minimum ‘skipper’ cert. Coxswain 
Marine Radio VHF & 27 MHz GME radios 
GPS & Depth sounder

Garmin GPSMAP 750, Lowrance elite 5 sounder  and

Koden CVS108 sounder