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In-home study

Simultaneous sleep and acoustic measurements in the natural home setting

Our wind farm in-home noise study will be the first direct investigation of real-world wind farms compared to traffic noise effects on gold-standard polysomnography assessments of sleep.

We aim to assess self-reported (subjective) and direct objective measures of sleep quality in people's natural home and noise environment to investigate relationships between noise, sleep disturbances and other factors.

Participants who take part in the survey and consent to being contacted about potential further involvement in this project, may be approached to take part in this phase of the study.


Get involved

Participation in the in-home study will involve two consecutive night recordings.

Research personnel including one trained sleep technician and one sound technician, will visit your home to set up acoustic recording and sleep monitoring using already established equipment and methods. They will also perform a standard audiology test to assess your hearing for our records.

After each night, you will be asked to rate overall sleep quality and noise relative to your usual sleep.

Participants will also be asked to collect five saliva samples. These will be collected immediately upon awakening, over the next 60-minutes and 12-hours after waking. A small sample of hair will also be collected to measure markers of long-term stress.

More information: In-home study - participant information sheet (PDF 88KB)

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