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This project will use  the best available measurements of sleep and physiological activation responses to a range of noises to carefully test noise impacts on sleep macro-structure (sleep stage distribution and wake time during the sleep period), and sleep micro-structure (brief arousal and physiological activation responses).

Participants who take part in the survey and consent to being contacted about potential further involvement in this project, may be approached to take part in this phase of the study.


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Participants will be asked to attend the Flinders University Sleep Laboratory in Adelaide for seven consecutive night sleep studies.

Participants will go to bed at their preferred bedtime and sleep will be recorded during the night. Noises may or may not be played during any of the nights.

In the morning participants will be asked to rate the quality of sleep compared to usual, and to recall what type of sounds, if any, were heard during the night.

Each morning, we will measure reaction times and balance, sleepiness, concentration, mood and cortisol.

Daytime testing will involve listening to various noises and participants will be asked rate these noises on a range of dimensions (i.e. acuity, loudness, annoyance and level of acceptance for sleep). We will also measure physiological responses (heart rate and markers of blood pressure changes) to these noises.

More information: The participant information sheet may be downloaded from here once the study is approved by ethics.

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