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A survey of wind farm and traffic noise effects on sleep

To help reduce the potential for bias, we aim to recruit from samples of wind farm exposed and wind farm naïve participants.

One of the aims of the survey is to compare responses about sleep disturbance from people exposed to wind farms and people who live in noisy night-time traffic conditions, which are already known to disturb sleep.


Get involved

We are looking for volunteers who live in:

  • wind-farm exposed areas;
  • areas around Adelaide exposed to traffic noise; and
  • quiet rural areas;

to undertake a 25-minute survey about sleep and quality of life. The survey includes general night-time noise questions directly relevant to sleep and proximity to noise sources.

We will send postal surveys targeted to residents living close to a wind farm with known noise complaints, as well as a quiet rural area and a traffic-noise area. Volunteers can complete pen-and-paper copies of the questionnaire, submit responses via telephone or complete the survey online.

More information: Survey - participant information sheet (PDF 118KB)

All respondents who complete the questionnaire will be entered into a draw to win a $500 prize. Only residents living in the areas appropriate to this study can participate and will be entered into the draw.


Register now

In order to obtain a unique ID code that enables access to the online questionnaire, please register your details using the form on this page. This will allow you to login and complete the online questionnaire while ensuring your personal details remain confidential and anonymous.


Complete survey

If you have registered and have an unique ID, you can start the online survey.

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