Yunggorendi First Nations Centre for Higher Education and Research provides a focal point for Indigenous students, encouraging and supporting students’ participation and success in higher education.  Staff of the Centre are also involved in Indigenous research and education at Flinders University as well as being actively involved in communities of practice.


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2015 Yunggorendi Seminars/Events

27/5/15 - In conversation with artist Brian Robinson, Simone Ulalka Tur, Director, Yunggorendi First Nations Centre and Ali Gumillya Baker, Senior Lecturer, Yunggorendi First Nations Centre will lead the conversation with Brian Robinson in the setting of his exhibition Strait Protean: The Art of Brian Robinson, Flinders University City Gallery


14/4/15 - Indigenous Water Governance and Capacity Buidling: Reflections from the Western United States and South Australia, presented by Prof Daryle Rigney, Assoc Prof Steve Hemming and Prof Barbara Cosens, Flinders Victoria Square



2/6/15 - Professor Marcia Langton presents the 2015 Lowitja O'Donoghue Oration; Freedom Songs: the unfinished business of the 1967 Referendum,presented by The Don Dunstan Foundation, University of Adelaide




17/11/14 - Considering Sameness: Duguid Lecture presented by Dr Anita Heiss, Flinders Victoria Square. Details / Register...

14/11/14 - Return, Reconcile, Renew: learning from the US experience of repatriation presented by Dr Timothy McKeown, ANU, 2-4pm, 1.09 Health Sciences, Bedford Park, co-hosted with the Office of the DISE. Register...

12/11/14 - Life in the Uni Lane - A hands on day for Indigenous students in years 8-10 studying at schools in Southern Adelaide. More...

21/10 - Holding on to the ‘hope’ of Law: Elliott Johnston Lecture presented by Dr Mark McMillan. Details...

28/08 - Bound and Unbound: Sovereign Acts - Ali Gumillya Baker, Faye Rosas Blanch, Natalie Harkin and Simone Ulalka Tur, Fontanelle Gallery. More... Details...

11/08 - Indigenous nation building, community wellbeing and repatriation - Steve Hemming and Daryle Rigney, co-hosted with the Office of the DISE. Details... video & audio...

21/02 - Testing Ground and Tense Past – investigations and inherited histories with Dr Julie Gough speaking about her work as an artist and curator, co-hosted with Flinders University Art Museum & City Gallery. Details... video & audio... blog...

Visit our project site Tellin' the stories to watch and share video interviews to inspire Indigenous people to become teachers.

Long Way Home - A celebration of 21 years of Yunggorendi First Nations Centre. Exhibition catalogue available for $5 from Unibooks or from the Flinders University City Gallery. Details

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