Higher Education Loan Programs


The Australian Government offers financial assistance to tertiary students through a number of schemes, grants and scholarships including:

  • Abstudy
  • Austudy
  • Youth Allowance
  • Start Up Scholarships
  • Relocation Scholarships
  • Education Entry payments

Students in receipt of Centrelink payments must be enrolled in at least 75% of a full-time load. At Flinders University, this means that you must be enrolled in at least 13.5 units each semester. If you are enrolled in 2 separate courses which are not recognised as official combined degrees at Flinders University, then you must be enrolled in at least 13.5 units in one of your courses each semester to remain eligible for Centrelink support.

Note: The student support payments listed above only apply to undergraduate Commonwealth supported students and postgraduate students studying courses approved by the Department of Social Services.  For details of approved postgraduate courses at Flinders University, please refer to the Department of Social Services' Families and Children website.

For further information on assistance schemes and your eligibility contact the Department of Human Services.

Flinders University Student Association (FUSA)

If you require further assistance and advice, Student Assist - which is a part of FUSA - provides a free and confidential financial counselling service which can negotiate and advocate on your behalf with creditors as well as provide you with information on Student Grants, Student Loans and Emergency Assistance that may be available to you.