The Australian Government offers financial assistance to support domestic students with their studies through:

  • course fee subsidies provided through Commonwealth supported places (CSP), and
  • student loans through Higher Education Loan Programs (HELP).


Commonwealth Supported places (CSP)

You are eligible to access a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) if you:

  • Are an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or permanent visa holder
  • Study an undergraduate degree or eligible graduate entry bachelor degree or a postgraduate course which the University has allocated you a CSP
  • Meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the Australian Government

If you are enrolled in a CSP, the Australian Government will subsidise your fees and you will only be liable for a student contribution amount. To access a CSP, you must:

  • Meet the citizenship and residency requirements
  • Submit a valid Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) before the census date (via the Student System, which can be accessed via your Flinders dashboard)
  • Enrol in at least one topic prior to census date

Further information about CSP is available via Study Assist.


Higher Education Loan Programs (HELP)

There are four Higher Education Loan Programs (HELP) that allow you to defer payment of your fees:

HECS-HELP This loan scheme is only available to students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place and allows you to defer payment of your student contribution amounts.
FEE-HELP This loan scheme is only available to eligible students in a fee-paying place and allows you to defer your course fees.
SA-HELP This loan scheme allows you to defer your Student Services and Amenities Fees.
OS-HELP This loan scheme is available to students in a CSP who undertake some of their studies overseas and defer some associated costs through the HELP system.


If you choose to use a HELP loan, the Australian Government pays your fee amount directly to Flinders University on your behalf and a HELP debt is recorded with the Australian Taxation Office against your tax file number.

To access a HELP scheme, you will need to complete a relevant Commonwealth Assistance Form  via the Student System which can be accessed from your Flinders dashboard. You MUST complete a separate HELP form for each loan type you would like to access (eg. HECS-HELP AND SA-HELP forms).

You need to start repaying your HELP debt through the taxation system once your income reaches the compulsory repayment threshold.

Further information about HELP is available via Study Assist.


 Flinders University Student Association (FUSA)

If you require further assistance and advice, Student Assist - which is a part of FUSA - provides a free and confidential financial counselling service which can negotiate and advocate on your behalf with creditors as well as provide you with information on Student Grants, Student Loans and Emergency Assistance that may be available to you.