Applications have now closed for payment extensions and instalment plans of fees for semester 2 topics in 2015.  Semester 2 topic fees are now overdue if you have not yet made payment.

Applications will only be considered for non-semester topics for which the payment due date has not yet passed. Note the full criteria below.

Students who can demonstrate genuine financial hardship may seek approval for an extension to the due date for payment of tuition fees, or to pay tuition fees by instalments.

To be considered you must meet all of the following criteria.  You must

  • be a fee-paying student;
  • not be eligible for FEE-HELP;
  • have short-term circumstances, beyond your control, that are causing you genuine financial hardship;
  • lodge the application online on or before the due date for the fee(s).  Applications lodged after the payment due date will not be considered.

Before completing the online application, download and read the Fee payment extension or payment by instalment guidelines (PDF 180KB)

Complete your application online via the Application for fee payment extension or payment by instalment page. Complete all relevant sections, upload documentation to support your statements and read the declaration before using the 'Submit Form' button to send your application to Student Finance Services.

Extensions to the due date or payment by instalments will not be considered for repayment of your student services and amenities fees.

Please refer to the Payment of Student Contribution Amounts and Tuition Fees by Domestic Students Policy and Procedures.