A Professional Development Program for Research Higher Degree students is run each semester by the Office of Graduate Research.

It includes training and development in the following streams:

  • Written Communication Skills
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • RHD Support & Progression
  • Library Search Tools
  • Research Skills
  • Research Methods
  • Research Support
  • Career, Leadership and Commercialisation
  • Professional Development
  • Information Technology

Workshops are free of charge and there are a variety of support resources available, such as videos, useful websites, course materials and powerpoints.

We are always pleased to consider suggestions for courses that would assist you with your training needs. All enquiries regarding the program - content, course availability, times and locations - should be made to:

Dr Dani Milos

RHD Education Coordinator
Office of Graduate Research
Registry Building 003
Tel: 8201 2982

Who is eligible to attend RHDPDP workshops?

All Research Higher Degree students enrolled at Flinders University are eligible to attend, including:

  • PhD candidates (including Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education and Doctor of Public Health)
  • Masters by Research students (with a major research component of at least 66%)

If you are unsure whether your degree qualifies, please check the 'Research Higher Degrees' website.  

Students with a minor research component (less than 66%) looking to improve their research skills are encouraged to take advantage of the range of programs and resources offered by the Student Learning Centre.

How to find out about workshops?

Each semester advertising about the program is sent to your Flinders email addess on a regular basis.

How to enrol in workshops?

You can enrol in any of the offered workshops through the iEnrol system. For information on how to enrol, unenrol and view currently enrolled and previously attended topics, click here.

A list of offered topics and session times can be accessed below:

RHD students

Information Technology

Education Technology

It is important that you register for workshops if you would like to attend in order to secure yourself a space. This also allows us to inform you of any changes to venues and dates, and provide you with any relevant topic materials. Similarly, if you are registered in a workshop and no longer able to attend, please unenrol through the same process, to allow space for others to attend.

Intensive Workshops

The Office of Graduate Research is running a series of intensive workshops for RHD candidates who cannot attend the regular Research Higher Degree Professional Development Program (RHDPDP). These two or three-day intensive workshops focus on developing candidates’ skills at different stages of their candidature, and encouraging timely completion and positive career outcomes. The intensive workshops include:

External candidates

We cater for external candidates by providing workshop notes and online training in computer skills. Links to various tutorials as well as topic materials can be found below. You will need to enter your FAN and password to access these.

Online Computer Skills - Tutorials

Online Computer Skills - Topic materials

External candidates are now able to apply for flight reimbursements to attend intensive workshops organised by the Office of Graduate Research. For further information and requirements, refer to .

We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have in order to improve our services for external candidates.

FLO Site

Workshop notes and useful material from the RHDPDP sessions have been made available to external candidates online through the RHD FLO site. On the FLO site, you will find information about:

  • online RHD induction
  • workshop notes from the RHDPDP
  • discussion forums
  • relevant RHD contacts
  • important policies and procedures
  • scholarships and grants
  • links to RHD sites, information and forms
  • useful RHD readings and resources
  • RHD career pathways 

All RHD students can access the site by logging into FLO at http://flo.flinders.edu.au.

Dr Dani Milos is the RHD Education Coordinator and is available to assist candidates in utilising the PDP to best meet their needs. If you have any questions about how the program can benefit you, the Online RHD Induction or would like to receive workshop materials not included in the FLO topic, please contact Dani at dani.milos@flinders.edu.au.

Induction for new RHD students

Flinders University considers formal induction to be an invaluable introduction to life as an RHD candidate. As such, all commencing RHD candidates are required to attend the mandatory Induction Program.

The RHD Induction Program consist of two parts:

Part 1: RHD Online Induction

This is a compulsory component of a research higher degree candidature and provides candidates with the necessary information required to kick-start their degree. The Online Induction can be accessed at http://flo.flinders.edu.au/course/view.php?id=16244 for self-enrolment in the topic. All commencing RHD candidates are required to complete this induction, and supervisors are encouraged to review the content for their information.

Part 2: RHD Induction Seminar

Upon completion of the Online Induction, candidates are required to attend a compulsory Induction Seminar held each semester for new RHD candidates.Enrolment in the Induction Seminar is available at https://www.flinders.edu.au/staffdev/index.php/course/FAG.

External candidates and those unable to attend the compulsory RHD Induction Seminar should contact Lisa Crowder (rhd@flinders.edu.au) to receive an information pack.