Flinders' brand essence

Flinders' brand essence forms the core reference point around which all of our brand communications are built.  It's not a tagline, but it is a theme which informs the look and feel of our brand.  

The brand essence is also an idea and an attitude which we're all encouraged to adopt in regards to our decision making and professional practices.  It permeates everything we do.

The brand essence underlying all Flinders branded communication is Bold and Inspiring.

In keeping with the intrepid nature of the University's namesake, and true to the vision of our Founding Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Karmel, Flinders University is bold and inspiring in all things.  


The single corporate tagline for Flinders branded communication is Inspiring Achievement.  The tagline is always supported by a visual and thematic emphasis on being bold and inspiring.


Flinders University possesses a set of unique attributes consistent with our brand essence and tagline.  These attributes point to the competitive strengths of our organisation and provide us with a comprehensive understanding of our brand identity.  They tell us who we are and how we want to be percieved by the communities we're involved with. 

The brand narrative is summarised as follows:

Flinders is:
Flinders is not:
a research achiever
weak in research
caring and supportive
academically excellent
an authentic University
too vocationally oriented

For more information about the brand essence, tagline and narrative, refer to the Flinders University Style Guide.