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Welcome to the Clinical Skills & Simulation Unit (CSSU) which is part of the Medical School of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Flinders University and based in the Flinders Medical Centre.

Our aim is to foster clinical excellence, promote patient safety and clinical outcomes, and advance medical education through application of high fidelity medical simulation for medical students & health care professionals.

Clinical simulation is becoming more widely used in medical education. It provides a safe environment for the student to learn and allows uncommon conditions to be simulated. Management can be practised without putting patients at risk. It is better to make mistakes now than later, with live patients!  Gone are the days of “See one, do one, teach one”.

Patient simulators are being increasingly used for medical teaching and assessment. While they do not replace clinical contact, they are a good preparation for working with patients and they allow the clinical management (particularly of serious conditions) to be practised many times.

Standardised patient simulation involves the use of individuals trained to portray the roles of patients or family members to allow students to practice physical exam skills, history taking skills, communication skills and other exercises.

We also provide a number of courses to a broad range of health professionals including, Dentists, Anaesthetists & GP’s.