Cultural safety

Cultural safety is a philosophy and a way of operating that ensures all individuals and groups are treated with regard to their unique cultural needs and differences. It assumes the right to difference and calls for interactions that do not diminish, demean or disempower individuals on the basis of any perceived or actual difference.

We deliver workshops, lectures and introductions on cultural safety for the Alice Springs Hospital, the Northern Territory Medical Program and other health organisations across the Territory and Australia.

If you would like your new or existing staff to be more aware of the cultural needs of your clients and partners; develop internal policy, documentation or review your existing methodology contact us to book workshops or arrange a consultation process.

Flinders NT Cultural Safety Policy


Central Australian research support

Our team has decades of regional experience in commnunicating with local people about health in meaningful and reciprocal ways. From the family level, through clinical experience and as researchers.

In response to the need for better data on the determinants of health for Indigenous Australians we assist companies, services and institutions define culturally effective research, interview and follow up methodology. Our services also provide on the ground interviewers to support your goals and gather timely and respectful qualitive and quantitve information.

To achieve more meaningful outcomes from your next proposal or project speak to us about how we can work together.


Health literacy

Being a specialist in your field does not always give you the time to also develop the skills to communicate what you know to save lives and help others understand the why and how so they can improve the health of their families.

Bridging that gap is not just educational but cultural and ontological. The results of respecting and designing for all these factors not only benefits the patient but adds to our own knowledge. it also makes for health resources that are simpler to understand for everyone, both in the bush and the city.

We work with health agencies and research programs to better tell their stories. This is a deeply consultative process, not just with your team and our own cultural and commuinications experts but from testing resources directly and integrating the feedback into the design cycle.

Stay focused on what you do best and let us help you bridge the gap between your expertise and your target audiences.


Pathways to study medicine

Since 2011 the NT Government has sponsored 24 places per year to study a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences / Doctor of Medicine double degree with the Flinders NT Medical Program. 7 of these are dedicated to Indigenous students with 5 for NT residents and 2 for national applicants.

Successful applicants are mentored through their 6 year study by Poche NT staff including on campus Elders and subject specific tutors. Support extends to financial aid for study materials, relocation and accommodation.

Graduates benefit even more from the NT Government offering to pay the HECS fees in exchange for a four year Return of Service Obligation that gaurantees employment
within NT Health, building experience and allowing them to study and work close to their family and community.

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