Planning for placement

  1. Discover which of our sites interests you the most.
  2. Book your placement through your normal university channels.
  3. Complete your university requirements for placement.
  4. Apply for an Ochre Card - This is a legal requirement in the NT and may take up to six weeks.
  5. Complete the additional requirements if your placement is with the Northern Territory Department of Health.  Print Checklist (PDF 105KB)
  6. Register with Flinders NT or the Centre for Remote Health so that we may assist with your placement, let you know about activities and services in your area and:
  7. Apply for permits to enter Aboriginal land, if required.
  8. Find out what to expect of a rural or remote placement and how to make the most of your experience.

 Financial Assistance

There are a number of grants and scholarships available to support your placement in the NT. See the links below to check eligibility criteria and locate application forms. This list is just a start and you are advised to also check with your home University about potential grants.