Supervisors have had this to say about their supervision experience

I absolutely love being the first face the students meet within their clinical placement, as we have such a big role in setting up a valuable learning experience for students.  I always think to myself – ‘be the person you would want to meet’.  And for that reason, I always meet them with enthusiasm and kindness, but also set clear expectations from the very beginning, as I want them to achieve their very best.  It is SO incredibly rewarding to see how much the students enjoy their clinical placements, but also how much they learn and develop in such a short space of time.  Students can provide fresh eyes into clinical areas and keep staff thinking and current which is a real positive.  We are lucky to have an opportunity to introduce students to the remote setting and immerse them in rich culture, which is an experience they will remember forever.  I love being a part of the exciting placement journey for students, and empowering them to continue on to do great things.
Chloe Lyons, Clinical Nurse Educator, Outstanding Regional Supervisor - Top End Nursing

The extended length of dental placements gives students exposure to life in a small town and also allows them to develop their skills in patient-centred dental practice as well as a wide range of general dental procedures and oral health promotion. We’ve had a lot of success with recruiting staff from amongst these students and it’s been great to work with them. They’ve added a lot to our clinic Read More
Meg Simmons. Outstanding Regional Supervisor - Allied Health, Central Australia

Supervising students is very rewarding. You get to track a student's development the whole way through because of the length of placement and their skills improve so much. When they arrive they have to do procedures that they can’t complete on their own, but after 4 – 5 months they are independently completing treatments. Students are trained in the most up-to-date procedures so you can often learn about new techniques and materials from them. It makes you think in different ways and look at certain cases more closely. Read More
Conor Harnischfeger, Senior Dentist, 2018 Commitment to Clinical Teaching – Allied Health

It’s a great privilege to provide a student prac placement. All professionals remember the valuable experiences of their own student placements and the guidance of experienced supervisors, and it’s nice to give back. Supervising students makes life busy and it’s a commitment, but it’s an excellent way to keep up with the latest research and terminology. A placement in a remote area is challenging for students, some of whom haven’t lived away from home before, but they all leave feeling very grateful for the big leaps they’ve made in their personal and professional development. Read More
Susan Lester,Speech Pathologist, 2018 Outstanding Regional Supervisor Katherine Region

Providing students with the opportunity to attend clinical placements in the NT is a very rewarding facet of the job.  Students bring with them enthusiasm and a desire to learn, and are very appreciative of the unique experience that a placement in Darwin can provide.  It is rewarding to see clinical expertise, communication skills and confidence develop over the placement period, along with cultural competency.  It is also a great way to instigate in the student an interest in long term career pathways in a remote or rural setting. Read More
Sally Lamond, Senior Podiatrist, 2018 Territory Ambassador - Allied Health

It becomes an especially exciting chapter to have students learning, questioning, and improving my own work and a wonderful privilege to be able nurture and contribute to the future of my own profession through the supervision of trainee psychologists. Read More
Professor Tim Carey, Clinical Psychologist 


Comments from other supervisors

My student utilised the Royal Darwin Hospital-Flinders University library and 'after-hours working options' nearly every afternoon and evening, and said it wouldn’t have been possible to complete her placement or gain as much from it without the access to internet and study facilities

Each of my students has really enjoyed and appreciated the cultural workshops provided by Flinders NT

The content of the clinical supervison workshops was easy to apply to my workplace, and well delivered

Having Flinders follow up the student pre-placement requirements has allowed me to focus on the clinical training

Thank you for the valuable cultural awareness workshops you are providing and your engagement with students in NT so that they make the most of their time in the Territory


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