Mrs Faye Blanch

Position/s:Academic Advisor/Lecturer
Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law
Phone: +61 8 82015319
Location: Yunggorendi Mande (2.14)
Postal address: GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia


Topic Lecturer:

Research and supervision

Research interests

Rap and Hip Hop as a tool for engaging Indigenous students
3D Game as tool for Reconciliation with Dr. Belinda McGill and Mr Theodore Wyeld
Consultancy Aspirations Project, UniSA with Ms Simone Tur


Refereed journal articles
  • MacGill, B.M. and Blanch, F. (2013). Indigenous Students' Wellbeing and The Mobilisation of Ethics of Care in the Contact Zone. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 38(2) pp. 143-152. [Link]
  • Blanch, F. (2011). Young Nunga males at play and playing up: the look and the talk. Discourse: Studies in The Cultural Politics of Education, 32(1) pp. 99-112. [10.1080/01596306.2011.537077]
  • Blanch, F. and Worby, G.R. (2010). The silences waiting: Young Nunga males, curriculum and rap. Curriculum Perspectives, 30(1) pp. 1-13.
  • Tur, S.L., Blanch, F. and Wilson, C.J. (2010). Developing a collaborative approach to standpoint. Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 39S pp. 58-67. [Link]
  • Blanch, F. (2009). aCa in the Nunga room : a place for 'wellbeing' Curriculum Perspectives, 29(3) pp. 82-86.
Refereed conference papers
  • Wyeld, T., MacGill, B.M., Blanch, F. and Thompson, P. (2012). Playing with Reconciliation: engaging primary school students with the values of reconciliation using a video game. In E Banissi, S Bertschi, C Forsell, J Johansson, S Kenderdine, FT Marchese, M Sarfraz, L Stuart, A Ursyn, TG Wyeld, H Azzag, M Lebba & G Venturini, ed. Information Visualization: Visualisation, BioMedical Visualization, Visualisation on Built and Rural Environments & Geometric Modelling and Imaging. Piscataway, USA: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 16th International Conference on Information Visualisation. Monpellier, France. Jul 2012, pp. 471-473. [10.1109/IV.2012.81]
  • MacGill, B.M., Wyeld, T. and Blanch, F. (2010). Re-Writing Recent History: developing a National reconciliation pedagogy using a video game for school age children. In Proceedings: 2010 14th International Conference Information Visualisation. USA: IEEE Computer Society. Information Visualisation 2010. London, UK. Jul 2010, pp. 397-402.
Journal articles
  • Blanch, F. (2011). Go Sistas, Show Sistas, Soul Sistas: maintaining what little space with have and creating new ones. Journal of Australian Indigenous issues, 14(Special Issue 1) pp. 79-87.
Conference publications
  • Wilson, C.J., Tur, S. and Blanch, F. (2009). Indigenous vs. Western Epistemologies: The Intersection of Knowledge Production in the Academy. Indigenous Studies Indigenous Knowledges Conference. Fremantle, Perth. Dec 2009.
Other public research outputs
  • Blanch, F. (2009). Walkin the walk n talking the talk. ABC Online Indigenous Voice. [Link]

Professional and community engagement

Aboriginal Advisory Panel, Port Adelaide Council

Indigenous Law Mentoring Committee, Adelaide

SACE Aboriginal Education Strategy Steering Committee

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