We encourage ALL staff, students and contractors to watch the emergency video specific to the area they will be working or studying in. It clearly describes the evacuation tones and what actions should be followed when there is an emergency evacuation. If you are still unclear on the procedure talk with your Supervisor in the local area or see the Emergency procedures tab for more information.

It is important to follow any additional directions that maybe given by a Building Evacuation Warden and or Security Officer should they do so. Remember under evacuation conditions the wardens have specific responsibilities and authority to check and clear the building. See Building wardens tab if you would like more information.

Remember do not re -enter the building until the all clear has been given.

After Hours

Outside of normal business hours you still need to evacuate the building on hearing the evacuation signal.

Again do not re-enter the building until given the all clear by a warden or security.

Select emergency evacuation procedure video relevant to your area: