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Flinders Centre for Ophthalmology, Eye and Vision Research

The Flinders Centre for Ophthalmology, Eye and Vision Research (OECVR) aims to improve outcomes for patients with blinding eye conditions affecting our community.

This multidisciplinary group is based in the Flinders University/Flinders Medical Centre Department of Ophthalmology. Its members include clinicians, researchers, and nurses.

Our focus is on the nexus between vision and health, a major issue in Australia with its ageing population. Our approaches include programs in basic biomedical science, applied research, clinical research, translational research, and health services management research.

One of our strategies is to train the next generation of clinicians and researchers. We have a particular interest in industry-related student projects.


Contact us

Ms Deb Sullivan - Research Development Officer | Phone +61 8 8204 5737 | Fax +61 8 8277 0899 | Email eye.vision@flinders.edu.au


Our experts

In a crowded, anonymous-looking laboratory along one of the Flinders Medical Centre’s labyrinth of corridors, Keryn Williams sits in charge of the world’s largest repository of information about corneal transplants, which is having an international impact in improving both the number and success rate of corneal transplantation.