The Vice-Chancellor has approved the allocation of Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funds in 2017 as recommended by SSAF Budget Advisory Committee following its consultation process with students.

The SSAF Budget Advisory Committee comprises of the following:

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) (Chair);
  • President, Flinders University Student Association;
  • General Secretary, Flinders University Student Association;
  • Student member, nominated by the Student Council, Flinders University Student Association;
  • Director, Student Services;
  • Chief Financial Officer (or nominee);
  • A senior academic or professional staff member at the Faculty or School level, appointed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students) following consultation with the Faculty Executive Deans;
  • Manager, Student Engagement (non-voting).

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funds a wide range of student services and amenities, including advocacy and welfare services, financial counselling and assistance, clubs and societies, sport and recreational activities, discounted food and beverage, student media, student transition and retention programs, and expanded services offered by the Student Learning Centre, Health Counselling and Disability Services, and the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre.

Further information on SSAF, including the services and amenities that are permitted to be funded under Commonwealth legislation can be found at student services and amenities fee.

View the Procedures for the Development and Approval of the Student Services and Amenities Fee Budget (PDF 99KB) .

The University is mindful that some Bedford Park-based services and amenities are less accessible to students studying elsewhere or fully online. Some SSAF funding is being expended to facilitate greater off-campus accessibility, and off-campus students continue to pay a significantly reduced SSAF.

Student Consultation on the 2017 SSAF Budget Requests

The SSAF Budget Advisory Committee would like to thank all students who provided feedback during the consultation process on the 2017 SSAF budget requests. Student Consultation was open during September 2016, allowing twelve days for students to provide feedback and comment. The results are summarised in this report.

In August 2015, all students were invited to complete the 2015 SSAF Survey. 1,289 students participated in the survey (6% response rate). The results are summarised in the 2015 Student Services & Amenities Fee Survey - Report (PDF 664KB) . The SSAF Budget Advisory Committee also considered the results from this survey when deliberating on how to allocate funds for 2017.

Final SSAF Budget Allocation - 2017

View the  final list of funding allocations for the expenditure of the SSAF in 2017 (PDF 418KB) .

As a result of the survey and the consultation held in late 2016, the Committee recommend that funding be allocated for the following new initiatives:

  • An E-mental health strategy coordinated by the Health, Counselling & Disability service
  • A Student Wellbeing Program coordinated by the Health, Counselling & Disability service
  • The provision of a practice nurse at the Health, Counselling & Disability service
  • 24/7 access to the Flinders One gym
  • $5,000 to each School for transition and orientation initiatives, events and support programs; with $10,000 to the School of Nursing and Midwifery in recognition of the number of students and planned initiatives.

The Flinders University Student Association will be holding regular student forums and other consultative mechanisms during 2017 to hear further from students regarding the expenditure of SSAF funds in the future.

Please watch this space for information regarding a process for student feedback regarding SSAF expenditure for 2018.


Chris O’Grady
Manager, Student Engagement