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Are you passionate about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health?

Are you interested in doing a PhD on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care?

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L-R Jane Fitzgerald, Alice Windle, Kingsley Whittenbury, Emma George

The Southgate Institute

The Southgate Institute is an exciting research hub providing opportunities for postgraduate students to work on topics of relevance to the Institute:

  • social and economic determinants of health
  • health inequity and social exclusion
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
  • community health
  • building capacity in others to conduct similar research

For more information, please contact Kathryn Browne-Yung or phone 08 7221 8487.

 Why choose Southgate?

In addition to the standard academic support expected from an internationally recognised University, the Southgate Institute offers a range of interdisciplinary educational opportunities to complement your education:

  • Southgate Seminar Series which introduces students to the work of Southgate's researchers and presentations by other PhD candidates.
  • Southgate Theory Club, which explores current issues from a variety of lenses
  • Southgate Journal Club, which critically analysis recent literature, examines methodological approaches, and helps to consider lessons and insights for writing your own papers.
  • Southgate Policy Club, which brings together policy makers, practitioners and researchers to examine evidence on topics associated with health and society, and to debate policy alternatives
  • The Southgate PhD support group which meets quarterly, led by the PhD Coordinator, presenting their work for peer feedback.

PhD Celebrations 


Mohan Pudel, supervised by the Southgate Senior Research Fellow, Dr Sara Javanparast, and A/Prof Gour Dasvarma from the College of Humaities, Arts and Social Sciences, has successfully completed his PhD. His study explore the socio-cultural factors contributing to the very high perinatal mortality rates in mountainous regions of Nepal.

Mohan has published two papers from his work, PLOS ONE and BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, and has two more papers under review.

Mohan has recently received the 2018 College of Medicine and Public Health RHD Student publication award for his paper in PLOS ONE.




 Adam Ridley will be presenting a conference paper at the Australian Political Studies Association conference in Melbourne in late September.

The title is ‘Under pressure: multicultural integration policy frameworks in a polarised world’, and he will be sharing findings from his Australian and British cases.




Emma George, with Dr Tamara Mackean, recently attended the Occupational Therapy Australia, 27th National Conference and Exhibition, in July where she presented on 'Reflections on a decolonising approach in research at the interface of knowledge.' The conference abstract was published in a special editon of the Australia Occupational Therapy Journal 64:80.



Mohan Paudel gave two presentations this year:

Oral Presentation in The 21st ICOWHI Congress Scale and Sustainability: Moving Women’s Health Forward, held 6-9 November 2016 in Baltimore, USA. It was convened by Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. His presentation was titled 'Motherhood Experiences and Perinatal Survival in Mountainous Villages of Nepal.'

Virtual presentation at 2nd International Conference in Public Health, held 28-29 July, 2016 in Colombo, Sri-Lanka. HIs presentation was titled 'Critical Account of the Policy Context of Perinatal Survival in Nepal.'



B-J Price, PhD candidate researching 'Homes, health and public voice: Housing for young people with disabilities which include severe communication impairment' recently received the ISAAC International 2016 Emerging Research Travel Award. This award was received in relation to her level of research training and experience and prooductivity in research outcomes. For more information please click here




Congratulations to Kingsley Whittenbury, PhD candidate researching 'Resistance to the hidden curriculum: a comparison of social accountability among students in hospital-based and community-based medical education,' on winning The People’s Choice award in the ‘Students on Show’ Flinders Arts in Health exhibition. The theme for this exhibition was ‘black dog’ for depression awareness.





Adam Ridley, PhD Candidate researching 'A comparison of the effectiveness of multiculturalism, racial discrimination and social cohesion public policy models from Australia and abroad,' was recently awarded a small funding grant by the International Network of Universities to conduct PhD fieldwork in Sweden. For further information please see this link from the INU communique



Southgate welcomes MD Advanced Studies Students

Southgate current projects include:


Available project:

The Southgate Institute accepts Advanced Studies students, for students interested in qualitative research in the areas of primary health care, equity, social determinants of health, or healthy public policy.

For further information please contact Dr Kathryn Browne-Yung 

Summer Scholarships

From time to time Flinders University offers various Summer Research Scholarship positions for students. These are designed to provide insight into what research in a research institute or graduate degree are like. In Summer 2013-2014, the Southgate Institute hosted 3 Summer Scholars. Further information is availble at and

Our Research Scholars for the Summer 2013-14 season were:

Gemma Prendergast is a 3rd Year Health Science student at Flinders University, majoring in Nutrition. Gemma worked with Dr Toni Delany as part of a research team examining the South Australian Governments’ approach to Health in All Policies (HiAP). HiAP is intended to motivate action across sectors to improve population health and health equity. Gemma undertook a critical literature review of the enablers and barriers to HiAP work internationally, and compared and contrasted the enablers and barriers discussed in the literature to survey data that was collected as part of the broader research project in 2013. Gemma produced a written report and two verbal presentations about the work she undertook during the Scholarship.

Pei-hua Tsai is a 2nd Year Nursing student at Flinderse University and worked on the Comprehensive Primary Health Care in Local Communities project with Dr Toby Freeman. She analysed data provided by three participating primary health care services to construct diagrams of the pathways and care received by clients with diabetes. The diagrams aided examination of the extent to which care is holistic, multi-disciplinary, incorporates prevention and health promotion, and the extent to which clients are supported with concerns related to their health, such as with housing, welfare, or social and emotional issues.

Harmonie Wong is a 1st Year Medical student at Flinders University. She worked on the Social Determinants of Health in Australian Health Policy project with Dr Matt Fisher and conducted a literature review on research about the uptake of evidence on the social determinants of health in health policies in high-income countries, and also analysed Australian policy documents.

Application process - PhDs and Masters by Research

Step 1: Check your eligibility to undertake postgraduate studies

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Applicants for direct entry into PhD candidature must have completed at least 18 units of research or equivalent at a satisfactory level of achievement.

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Step 2: If you are eligible, the next step is to identify potential supervisors

View our list of staff to identify potential supervisors at Southgate. Please contact them by email to determine their willingness and availability to supervise your project.

Step 3: When agreement is reached about supervisors for your project

Submit an application for candidature (it incorporates a research proposal), through the Admissions Office:

Application process - Summer Scholarships

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