Recognising the importance of faculty development and the complexity of the modern health professional work life, the Prideaux Centre, together with Flinders NT has made available a suite of short accessible professional development resources for health professional educators.

The resources present and explain an individually-tailored process to work with a colleague in your workplace to obtain feedback on your teaching of students or junior staff. This process has variously been called ‘peer review of supervision’, ‘peer observation of teaching’ or similar terms.

The foundation concept is that collaborating with work colleagues provides invaluable context-specific professional development support that will mutually enhance your teaching expertise. Below are a series of resources to assist you as a clinical supervisor in designing a peer review process that will strengthen the quality of your teaching and clinical supervision in the health care workplace.

What is peer review?

Read this short summary of the process


Why is it an effective strategy to improve my teaching?

Watch this 5 minute video giving an overview of the peer review process and its benefits


Download a copy of our evidence-based resource which details the steps to using peer review in your workplace

Try out the peer review process by watching this short scenario. Download the sample peer review tool observation checklist to record the observations you make while viewing the video.



Downloadable peer review observation templates to aid your observation of a peer undertaking common clinical supervision activities in the workplace:

Watch a recording of a national webinar explaining the peer review process in more detail

Further information