Visiting scholars

The Prideaux Centre supports international collaboration and is proactive in creating valuable partnerships with visiting scholars.

Academics from outside Australia who are planning to take sabbatical leave are invited to apply for the honorary position of visiting scholar in the Prideaux Centre.

Where visiting scholars have the equivalent of Australian full professorial status at their home institution, they will be granted visiting professor status.

Visiting scholars are expected to engage in Prideaux Centre research activities, and acknowledge Flinders University in any publications that result from their time with the Centre.

If you are interested in becoming a visiting scholar on a short or long term basis, please contact the Prideaux Centre Director with your research plan and a copy of your curriculum vitae.


Jimmie Leppink

Maastricht University, Netherlands

August 2015

Dr Leppink presented 'In Search for an Optimum: From Regulated Self-Learning to Self-Regulated Learning'. He discussed the role of cognitive load theory and educational design in providing a coherent framework for a learning and assessment program.

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Jimmie Leppink is currently postdoctoral researcher and consultant for quantitative methodology and analysis for the School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

His research interests focus on self-regulated learning, cognitive load theory, instructional and assessment design, and multilevel analysis of educational data. He has published (all in all around thirty) papers on topics in education, psychology, research methodology, and statistics.

He is statistical/associate editor of the journal Perspectives on Medical Education and founder/manager of an 80,000+ members LinkedIn discussion forum called ‘Research, Methodology, and Statistics in the Social Sciences’.

During his visit in 2015, Dr Leppink also discussed how such an assessment program combined with appropriate learning analytics can help to stimulate learning through an enhanced self-regulation on the part of the learner.


Ian Scott

University of British Columbia, Canada

May 2015

Associate Professor Scott presented 'Creating a Clinical Decision Making Curriculum: A Best Practices Approach'. He described an approach to delivering a clinical decision making curriculum, referring to evidence and discussing areas of uncertainty.

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Associate Professor Ian Scott is a scholar at CHES and an associate professor in the Department of Family Practice. He is the undergraduate director of Family Practice Programs in the UBC MD program. He is also the chair elect of the Section of Teachers at the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) that oversees undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at a national level.

Associate Professor Scott is the past inaugural chair of the CFPC Undergraduate Education Committee (2007 to 2012) and was the acting head of the Department of Family Practice at UBC from 2008 to 2010.

Most recently, he was the chair of a number of curriculum renewal working groups including Continuity, Design and Transitions in the undergraduate MD program. Ian has an MD and a Master in Health Research Methodology from McMaster University and is certified by both the CFPC in Family Medicine and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Public Health and Preventive Medicine.


Kevin Eva

Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia

November 2014

Professor Eva presented 'Beware the Jabberwock: How Improved Understanding of Self-Assessment and Feedback can Strengthen Professional Self-Regulation'.

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Professor Eva is Senior Scientist in the Centre for Health Education Scholarship, and Professor and Director of Educational Research and Scholarship in the Department of Medicine, at the University of British Columbia.

He has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and in 2008, became Editor-in-Chief for the journal Medical Education.

Professor Eva is a visiting Professor at the University of Bern (Switzerland) and has consulted broadly around the globe including advisory roles for the American Board of Internal Medicine (US) and National Health Services Education (Scotland). He co-founded the Maastricht-Canada Masters of Health Professional Education program.

In his presentation in 2014, Professor Eva explored the implication that teaching students to engage in effective self-assessment requires that they be supported to understand the need for external sources of information to effectively direct one’s personal efforts at performance improvement.


Rachel Ellaway

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

October 2014

Associate Professor Ellaway presented 'Digital Professionalism and the Extended Mind', with the aim of exploring whether we are adequately preparing our students for practice in a digital age and explored considerations to ensure that they are also prepared.

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Rachel Ellaway PhD is the Assistant Dean Curriculum and Planning and an Associate Professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Widely published and highly active in the field of medical education, her academic work concentrates on educational systems and ecologies, the use of new technologies for teaching and assessment in and around health professional education, and critical perspectives on developments in health professional education.


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