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Research Technology Platforms

We have a broad range of world-class research facilities.

These platforms for collaboration provide access to high-end research infrastructure and services to internal and external researchers and private and public organisations.

Training and advice on research design, equipment operation and data analysis is provided by experienced staff within each of our facilities.


Animal facilities

Research animals, animal housing, technical assistance and well-equipped theatres for various procedures are provided to assist with medical research.


Antibody production facilities

Polyclonal Antibody Production Facility

This facility manufactures new antibodies and related reagents for research use.

Monoclonal Antibody Production Facility

This facility creates new antibodies and related reagents for research and clinical use, including the production of cancer fighting antibodies.


Cell Screen SA

Cell Screen SA provide high-throughput screening of nucleic acid and chemical libraries for functional genomics and drug discovery.


Comparative Orthopaedic Research (CORe) Laboratory

Animal models of human diseases (primarily in sheep) are provided to assist with the evaluation of new devices and technologies as a prelude to clinical assessment.

Flinders Clinical Trials Pharmacy

Our registered pharmacy specialises in testing the safety and efficacy of new and existing medicines.


Flow cytometry

In collaboration with SA Pathology, the flow cytometry facility provides state-of-the art equipment for research and diagnostic purposes.


Flinders Genomics Facility

This facility conducts genetic and genomic research including bioinformatics support. Various platforms are used to generate high-quality data and support its analysis.


Flinders Microscopy

Flinders Microscopy provide research imaging solutions through access to microscopes and computerised image acquisition and processing.


Flinders Proteomic Facility

This facility conducts large-scale studies of the structure and functions of proteins of living organisms and provides proteomic expertise, training and specialist advice to researchers.