Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching programs

The Undergraduate Medical education at F.U.S.A has undergone a transition from a traditional 6yr course to a 4yr Doctor of Medicine (MD). The first intake to the MD was in 1996.

The MD utilizes problem-based learning (PBL) cases, ie a clinical scenario is presented to a tutorial group, they determine learning issues arising from the case and study the relevant areas. As the cases proceeds more information is presented leading to more learning issues. For example early in the course control of muscle contraction and relaxation is studied. In the first PBL tutorial a video is shown of malignant hyperthermia developing under anaesthesia. The students realize they need to learn about muscle contraction and relaxation to understand the prevention of MH. Later in the case they will need to understand some aspects of genetics, molecular biology and counseling patients and how to handle adverse outcomes

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