Anatomy & Histology welcomes students, from both Flinders and other institutions, to undertake BSc Honours within one of our Laboratories.

All students who undertake BSc Honours within our Department fall under the School of Medicine Honours Program. Projects offered by our laboratories can be previewed on the School of Medicine Honours Program website.

Alternatively, if you are interested in studying with us, please contact the Head of the laboratory associated with your area of interest:

Dr Christine Barry
Musculoskeletal Neurobiology Laboratory

Prof Rainer Haberberger
Pain & Pulmonary Neurobiology Laboratory

Dr Claire Jessup
Islet Biology Laboratory


Honours can be completed either Full Time (1 year) or Part Time (2 years). Enrolments can begin in Semester 1 or Semester 2, for both Full or Part time options. Prospective students need to discuss their preferences with their potential Supervisor, as not all projects offered can accommodate all flexibilities.

The Honours Year involves full time laboratory work designed to increase student skills in scientific communication, practical research and research-related planning. Incorporated into this are assignments designed to gauge a student's progress and understanding:

  • 500wd Thesis Proposal
  • 15 minute Introductory Seminar
  • 5000wd Essay
  • Research Grant Proposal
  • 15 minute Progress Seminar
  • 50 page Thesis
  • 50 minute Final Seminar
  • Thesis Defence

Further information on the expectations of an Honours Year can be discussed with any of the potential Supervisors listed above.