Anatomy & Histology Offices and Laboratories, are distributed over floors 4, 5 & 6 of the Flinders Medical Centre (FMC). The reception office and office of our Head of Department, is located in room 6E:121 of FMC. FMC room numbers are broken down as follows:

LEVELS = 1-7.       CORRIDORS / WINGS = A-E, K, M, P.

Room numbers are usually noted above the door. Most corridors have rooms which are numbered like residential streets - odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other.


Below is a map of the Flinders University Campus, including the Flinders Medical Centre buildings. This map highlights 3 of the most common entry points to FMC,  for navigating to the Anatomy & Histology Office. They are the Main Entrance, the Level 5E entrance and the Level 4E entrance.

The Main Entrance is accessed via Flinders Drive. The level 4E entrance is accessed via Medical Sciences Road and the Level 5E entrance is accessed from Flinders University's Carpark 1. For detailed information on how to find the Anatomy & Histology Office from each of these options, please click on one of the pdf's listed:

Which of these entry points is the best option for visitors, is determined by their method of transport (public or private). For hints on parking options, etc, please see "Which Entrance is the best option for me?" at the bottom of the page.

Which Entrance is the best option for me?

If arriving by Public Transport
- the Main Entrance is your best option. Adelaide Metro Bus Services drop-off and pick-up only a few feet away from the Main Entrance of the Medical Centre.

If you are being dropped off
- the Level 4E Entrance is the quickest route to the Anatomy & Histology Office, although the Main Entrance also accommodates drop-offs.

If you require FREE short term-parking
- park on Flinders Drive and use either the Main Entrance or the Level 4E Entrance to navigate to the Anatomy & Histology Office. Please note that most of Flinders Drive is strictly 2-hour parking and this area is constantly patrolled by Parking Officers.

If you have a Flinders "Blue" Parking permit or a Disability Parking Permit
- the Level 4E Entrance has both Disability and Blue parking spaces. Please note permit-parking spaces on Medical Sciences Road are limited and cannot be reserved, so a permit does not guarantee parking spaces will be available here.

If you require long-term (2hrs+) parking
- the Level 5E Entrance, via Flinders University's Carpark 1 is one of 2 options for this type of visit. Parking spaces in Carpark 1 are able to be used by visitors, so long as they purchase a day-ticket ($4.80 as at May 2014). Please note the Flinders University ticketing machines do NOT dispense change. The day-ticket must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle and will allow parking in Carpark 1 'all-day' on the day the ticket is issued.
- Flinders Medical Centre also has a parking structure to the left of the Main Entrance, which is open for use to visitors. The cost is determined by the length of your stay (ie. Half-an-hour is $2, all day is $12).

If you are bringing heavy or awkward equipment
- in this situation it is best to negotiate with the Staff Member you are visiting to meet you at the Level 4E Entrance and unload your equipment. Then move your vehicle to either Flinders Drive or to Flinders University's Carpark 1.



If you have any questions regarding locating the Anatomy & Histology Office or parking options, please contact us.